Meal Plan: May 18-25, 2014

This week’s menu will be a combination of using what is in season (corn, cucumbers, chives) at the Charleston Farmer’s Market and supermarket, using what I have in the freezer (hot dog party, anyone?), and finding ways to pair salads with everything. I mentioned last week that our leaf lettuce and spinach is really coming in all at once and we can’t eat it fast enough. So… salads every night! This Sunday my school is hosting an end-of-year picnic, so that takes care of one meal. We have friends coming over next Sunday night, so we’re having a bit of a splurge and cooking a few of my favorite Florentine recipes for them (to be featured as recipes next week).


School Picnic

Monday and Tuesday

Cucumber Noodles and “Regular” Noodles with Peanut Sauce (adapted gluten-free recipe)

Wednesday and Thursday

Corn, Buttermilk, and Chive Popovers with Garden Green Salad

Friday and Saturday

Hot Dogs and Baked Beans with Garden Green Salad

Sunday (friends coming for dinner)

Braciola, Pepperonata, and Garden Green Salad


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