Meal Plan: May 26-31, 2014

We decided to dial things down this week and save some money. Lettuce, spinach, and arugula are still the only things that are ready to harvest from the garden, but we do have some tiny green beans on their way and lots of blossoms on the tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. This week features one of Rebecca’s favorite-foods-of-all-time: pasta with store-bought sauce. Certainly not glamorous, but it was a staple of her bachelorette diet before we met and it stuck. She loves the stuff. I usually like to jazz it up with some steamed or roasted vegetables, but Rebecca is a purist and prefers it straight up. Check out Malcolm Gladwell’s fascinating TED talk on the subject of pasta sauce.

I also bought a whole rotisserie chicken this week, for the curried chicken salad on Friday. I may make it earlier in the week and let all the flavors meld in advance.

Monday and Tuesday

BLT’s (feat. Romaine from the Garden)

Wednesday and Thursday

“Pasta with Jar Sauce,” Garden Salad

Friday and Saturday

Curried Chicken Salad over Fresh Greens




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