As I’ve written previously, my love of soup has been far from lifelong. Gradually, bit by bit, over the years I’ve come to really enjoy all manner of soups. Hot and delicious, with rice or pasta, beans or vegetables, from cream of mushroom to French onion to Tuscan minestrone. But chilled, pureed, vegetable soup? That was my last holdout.

That is, until Rebecca made it for me for the first time.

tomatoes and peppers

The idea of it seemed a lot like eating a vegetable smoothie with a spoon. There are, however, some very important distinctions between veggie smoothies and gazpacho, which spells out in the article, “You’re Doing it Wrong: Gazpacho.” The way gazpacho is supposed to be, the way Rebecca made it for me that first time, is a refreshing and subtle blend of the freshest flavors with an almost creamy texture that comes from the extra virgin olive oil and tiniest bit of bread.

seeded tomato

By itself it would be fine, but then there’s all the chopped vegetables that you add in for texture and body: red peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, celery, and toasted croutons.


Rebecca has had a recipe in her head for this Spanish specialty, but never wrote it down. When we searched for something similar, the gazpacho recipe from was almost exactly the same. The only change we made was to add 2/3 cup of water instead of a full cup. You want to soup to be thin, but not that thin (as the veggies break down in the blender, they will release a lot of liquid). Oh yeah, and we used a blender instead of a food processor, per’s suggestion and our personal taste.



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