Fun With In-Season Blueberries

Summer Weekday Adventure: Blueberry Picking in Ravenel, SC.

This week Rebecca and I went to Champney Farms in Ravenel, SC for some blueberry picking.  It was sweltering hot and humid, but a light breeze blew down the rows and it was just refreshing enough to stave off discomfort. Blueberries are $1.50 a pound and they have lots of acreage to wander and pick to your heart’s content.

rows of bushes


We were also encouraged to eat as much as we wanted while we picked, which we did. There’s something about sun-warmed blueberries that really hits me in all my spots. Just look at these beauties.

ripe berries

Of all the high bush blueberry plants at Champney Farms, about a third were ripe for the picking and even that third seemed overwhelming. We picked about 5 lbs. of berries and probably ate another half pound right off the bushes. We could have easily filled each of our buckets, totaling 10 lbs. of berries, so we consciously stopped when each of the buckets was half full. The next morning we enjoyed blueberry pancakes, and the next evening we made a late-night batch of blueberry muffins. Click the links for the recipes. I used plain yogurt in lieu of buttermilk in the pancake recipe and they were really tasty!


almost full

muffin close-up

Unused blueberries went into plastic bags and into the freezer for future pancakes, muffins, and other blueberry delights.


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