Meal Plan: June 22 – 26, 2014

At the end of next week, Rebecca and I will be road-tripping from Charleston, SC to her family’s cottage on Higgins Lake in upstate Michigan. I never do much cooking at the lake because the community runs its own dining hall and provides meals to the homeowners. That raised an eyebrow for me the first time I visited, but not worrying about what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner allows an awful lot of time to relax, read books, go for walks, and go sailing.

This week’s garden update: Good news and bad news. The good news is I have a lovely long “Orient Express” eggplant that is ready to eat. The bad news is that I lost all six zucchini plants. Everything was going great with this “Black Magic” Zucchini. Great growth, lovely blossoms, even two generously sized zucchini. But then I saw the telltale evidence of squash borer infiltration: punky yellow around a hole in the stalk where the larvae got in. I followed advice from a website and sliced out a slit of stalk, vertically, and managed to (perhaps too joyfully) execute several worms. It was then recommended to lean the plant over and mound dirt over the compromised area and further “up” the plant, in the hopes of re-rooting. Well, it didn’t work. I had to pull up all six of my plants and begin again.

But what do zucchini and eggplant have in common? They’re both in ratatouille. The recipe this week attempts to recreate the ratatouille that Remy the rat creates in the Disney movie of the same name.

Also this week features a clean-out-the-fridge taco dinner, and one of the ultimate quick weeknight dinners: pita pizzas.

Sunday and Monday

Ratatouille’s Ratatouille

Tuesday and Wednesday

Pork Tacos with Black Beans, Pickled Onions, Garden Arugula and Salsa

Thursday (packing for Friday’s long day of driving and a week at the lake)

Pita Pizzas



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