Meal Plan: August 17 – 23, 2014

This weekend we’ll be in Savannah, GA, celebrating a late 1st anniversary. We are very much looking forward to an anniversary dinner at Alligator Soul, one of Savannah’s best restaurants. Co-owner Maureen Craig explains the name:

When naming any business, most owners put a great deal of thought into selecting a name that represents their product and philosophy. Selecting our name was no different. The word “Soul” is representative of who you are and what you personally believe in. Individual values and the way you walk in this world. The impact you make.

The word “Alligator” is representative of any one’s physical appearance. How wrongly we are judge by our exterior appearance. The superficiality that is inherent with judging the exterior of a person, while almost forgetting the heart and soul or core values of each of us.

As my beloved late husband Hilary Craig said many times during his life, “It’s all about your integrity, and people can clearly see that by what you put on the plate.”

When we return from our mini-vacation, we’ll have a full week of meals to look forward to, prepared as simply and as thriftily as possible.


B for D: Egg in the Basket

aka Egg in a Nest, aka One-Eyed-Jack, aka Warwicks, aka Rocky Mountain Toast, aka Egg in a Frame, aka Oeuf en Cage, aka Birmingham Egg, aka Popeyes, aka Gashouse Eggs, aka Bull’s Eyes, aka A Man in a Raft, aka Sunshine Eggs, aka Hobo Eggs, aka Moon Over Miami, aka One-Eyed Texans, aka Eggs in a Hole… oh so many more.

Monday and Tuesday

Recipe Blend: Chicken Posole and Chicken Posole

Wednesday and Thursday

Zucchini and Rice Filo Pie, from River Cottage Veg

Friday and Saturday

Mushroom Risoniotto, from River Cottage Veg



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