Smashed Chikpea Salad

Ahh, the humble chickpea.

I’ve made them into hummus, put them in tomato soup and on top of green salads, mashed them into falafel balls, stir-fried them, and baked them into poppable snacks… but I’d never thought of eating them on toast. That is, until I saw this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

materials needed

A simple enough idea: throw a few ingredients into a bowl with chickpeas and smash them with a potato-masher, then serve on toast. For something with so few ingredients (chickpeas, lemon, red onion, black olives herbs, olive oil), I was surprised at how much flavor it packed.


I wasn’t skeptical for long. I’ll try anything on a sandwich once.


Rebecca’s disdain for parsley being what it is, I decided to substitute fresh sage and Thai basil to the salad and I do not regret it. The sage adds earthiness and the basil complements the lemon in-the-most-delightful-way. Who needs parsley with that one-two punch? I highly recommend Smitten Kitchen’s suggestion of the tahini lemon garlic dressing. I probably used too much garlic for mine, and by that I mean: just the right amount of garlic.

chickpea salad

Rebecca ate hers sans-pain with spring mix, while mine was open faced on toast. We both loved it. The only negative? It’s hard to take an appetizing photo of this tan mess… especially with an iPhone camera at night.


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