Meal Plan: September 21 – 27, 2014

We’ve got broccoli, tatsoi, and beets sprouting in the garden, the temperature is beginning its decline into autumn, and you can’t turn around without someone offering you Pumpkin-Spice-Something-Or-Other. I’ll take the occasional cookie or latte, of course, but there pumpkin appears to be the new bacon these days. Recent pumpkin spice abominations include, but are not limited to: Pringles, body lotion, dog treats, and fettucini. Breweries have been pushing pumpkin ales for over a month already, and will no doubt be releasing Christmas brews soon. Apparently, Burger King Japan has gone ahead and put slices of roasted pumpkin on one of their burgers. Pumpkin madness!

Welcome to pre-autumn! Although the Winter Luxury pumpkin plants in the garden have really taken off, there won’t be any pumpkin spice on this week’s menu. This week is actually full of summer flavors: hot dogs (kicked up with homemade daikon/carrot pickle and sriracha), watermelon salad, BBQ pulled pork, and local blue crabs.

Sunday and Monday

Crunchy Cocoa Chili from Runner’s World Cookbook

Tuesday and Wednesday

Thai Hot Dogs with Couscous, Watermelon, Watercress, and Feta Salad 

Thursday and Friday

Pulled Pork with Carolina Gold Sauce


Blue Crab and Ricotta Canneloni


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