Blue Crab Manicotti

Cooking with whole crab Lesson One:

  • Cracking enough blue crabs to get 2 lbs of meat takes four people and much more time than you’d expect.

Cooking with whole crab Lesson Two:

  • Don’t start preparing a complex meal at 6:45pm. You will eat at 9:30pm. If this happens, begin showing Ghostbusters immediately to distract the children.


This recipe for Crab Manicotti, from Giada, is very solid, but not mind-blowing. Certainly, for all the work that went into it, I was expecting a lot more pop. It is certainly rich and satisfying, but doesn’t hold a candle to some other, simpler dishes we’ve made like Coquilles St. Jacques or Chicken Stew with Sweet Plantains.


The filling, with fresh basil, ricotta, and crab, was excellent and very well balanced, but the bechamel sauce was a little bland. Overall, my friends really enjoyed it, but I won’t likely make it again. Perhaps with the next batch of fresh blue crab I’ll make **gasp** crab cakes!


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