White Pizza with Shaved Zucchini

You can put almost anything on a pizza and I’ll be happy. Provided there’s a decent sauce and decent cheese, it is almost certain that I’ll be pleased. With great sauce and great cheese, it’s hard to wipe the grin from my face. More articulate persons than I have praised pizza as the perfect food. It’s got it all.


So why not put asparagus on pizza? It’s a delicious summer veggie that only gets better when it’s a little bit charred around the edges. Making long, thin shavings with a vegetable peeler isn’t easy or graceful, but it does allow the asparagus to cook quickly and get some crispy, charred edges in its brief-but-hot trip through the oven.



Rebecca took issue with the lack of red sauce, as she does every time with white pizza. It’s not uncommon to catch her eating homemade pizza sauce with a spoon when my back is turned. Girl loves her pizza sauce.

I think white pizza gives the toppings more of a fighting chance to come to the forefront, especially when they complement the creamy fresh mozzarella as well as asparagus does. Nobody’s perfect.

prepped pizza

I have two complaints with this recipe. First, the shaved asparagus forms a tangle (albeit a delicious tangle) that is pretty hard to bite through. It’s tough to bite and not take the whole tangle with that first bite. Nitpicky, I freely admit. Second, I made this pizza twice and both times the middle ended up soggy. I don’t know if my sliced mozzarella was too thick, or the salt on the asparagus mixture made it release too much moisture, or perhaps I needed to place this particular pizza on a wire rack right after baking.

finished asparagus pizza

In any case, this was an excellent pizza. The hardest part is shaving half a pound of asparagus. Enjoy!


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