Meal Plan: December 29, 2014 – January 8, 2015

We’re back! Back from Massachusetts and a fantastic Christmas celebration with family. We’re back from cold weather and warm fires, from rich food and flowing wine, from gift exchanges and late night conversation. It’s nice to be home.

This week is a mishmash of celebrations and quiet meals at home. NYE and a birthday party will be a lot of fun, but Rebecca and I are both ready to get back into a routine of modest, well-rounded meals. Something about this time of year makes me soft around the midesection. It could be the cookies, wine, beer, nuts, and rich family meals which this year included three roasted ducks. So… yeah. Time to simplify the food and start working out again.



Tuesday and Wednesday

New Years Bash in Greenville, SC


NYE recovery meal: cereal? one banana? toast?


Birthday Dinner Party in John’s Island, SC

Saturday and Sunday

Jaime Oliver’s Chicken in Milk with Green Beans

Monday and Tuesday

Loaded Baked Potatoes with Garlicky Swiss Chard, Queso Fresco, Bacon, and Roasted Broccoli

Wednesday and Thursday

Tacos with pork, sweet potato straws, avocado, and lime



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