Meal Plan: April 10 – 16, 2015

Spring is springing more and more every day in Charleston, SC. Seedlings are showing their faces and some (tomatoes, peppers, beans and peas) are already well over 3 inches tall. This week for meals I’ve planned a lot of make-ahead stuff because I feel like spending all weekend cooking.

Seriously, I do.

When the house smells one day like simmering beef, cumin, raisins, and olives (Chilean empanadas), and the next like smoked ham, peas, and vegetables (split pea soup with ham), I just get happy. I can’t help myself.

Will I spend a lot of time rolling empanada dough and chopping vegetables? Yup. But kicking back on Monday night with a Holy City Chucktown Follicle Brown with dinner already prepared will be a sweet reward.

And little hoppy too.


Movie Night at Home: Mega salad with garlic bread


Pasta and Jar Sauce (The Rebecca Special)

Sunday and Monday

Chilean-Style Beef Empanadas


ATK Split Pea Soup with Ham


Out to Dinner with Friends


ATK Split Pea Soup with Ham

On the Back Burner (a to-cook list):


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