Garlicky Beans, Peas, and Eggs

I’m running in slow motion to the finish line of the school year. Young students are growing more and more combative and snippy with one another, like siblings in the back seat of a car.
She’s touching me.
He started it.
No way to turn this metaphorical car around. We’ve come too far.

beans and peas-1

I probably imagined as a child that my teachers came to school each day with the same amount of energy, effervescence, and love in their hearts. Whether it was the 5th day of school or the 150th, they were grownups so… you know… their emotions were static.

Chuckle. Chuckle.

I can’t WAIT for summer. The kids may be excited for their science camps and family trips, but I’m many times more excited than they are, for the following summer perks:

  • Silence. Almost whenever I want it.
  • Working with my hands on projects too complex for scissors and glue sticks.
  • Eating lunch at a time other than 11:00am.
  • Hearing my name spoken less than 50 times in 6 hours.
  • A family trip to Michigan where I can enjoy, among other things, more silence.

Oh, am I writing about a recipe too?

beans and peas-2

Our garden has produced its first harvest of Maxibel French Green Beans, and Cascadia and Sugar Ann Peas. The other day at lunchtime I couldn’t wait another moment to eat this fresh-off-the-plant produce. So with olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, and smoked sea salt I sautéed them in a hot cast-iron skillet, followed by eggs to be fried in the remaining garlic and garlicky/spicy/smoky/salty oil. You can predict the result.

beans and peas-3

This was the best lunch ever. Add a couple of toast butts (bread ends) for egg and oil sopping and you’ve got yourself a fresh out of the garden lunch.


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